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Very exciting times here at Hexio, we have just taken delivery of a new HP 800 W… a beast of a machine which will enable us to print in ways we have previously only dreamt of.

Of course it’s faster, better quality and more economical to run than our other printers as you’d expect from a new machine. But what really sold it was it’s ability to print a combination of full colour and white in up to 5 layers in a system called “sandwich printing”.

What this means is, we can now print stickers on clear with white behind, reverse stickers with white on top, and even double sided stickers with no show through – all working seamlessly with out existing CAD cutting plotter to produce an end result thought up till now to be impossible.

This is a big investment for us, but we are confident that it is another string to our bow that will allow us to offer an unrivalled set of services to our customers.

We are currently working on a set sample packs full of all the new printing techniques that we are now able to offer, so let us know if you would like to receive one.

One of our first test prints. A three layered “sandwich” print, to give transparent sky and opaque double-sided foreground.

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