Hexio is situated just south of the Thames in the Old Kent road. Initially producing films for local printers we have grown steadily and now service the whole country and abroad.

With 50 years experience in the print industry, we are better placed than most in being able to advise, adapt artwork and produce films for printers of all disciplines – whether its our core of screeprint customers, or the wide variety of alternative printing techniques such as intaglio, cyanotype, gravure, or litho.

Our history or serving large format screenprinters requiring massive film positives has left us with a legacy of unique, often bespoke equipment, that we can use to produce top quality film work to quite unbelievable sizes.
For example, we boast what is now the UK’s largest gallery camera/enlarger and film processor. Able to expose and process 66 inch wide rolls of film, it means we can supply film positives up to 4.5 x 1.6 meters in one piece, to a quality and density simply not possible with current “inkjet film positive” technologies.


Onwards and upwards

Our philosophy has always been to improve, and our quality is second to none. We offer an ever increasing range of services and are constantly evolving to respond to the needs of the printing and media industry.

We have a constantly updating range of equipment and machinery to keep up with the demands of our customers requiring digital print, as well as maintaining the traditional equipment necessary for producing “proper” photographic film positive. With a suite of inkjet printers, cameras and imagesetters of various technologies, laminators and CAD cutters, we are able to produce work for even the most imaginative and demanding client.