lensHigh quality films are produced swiftly on our imagesetter. High resolution lasers operating at over 4000 dots per inch, fire at photographic film to expose the image. These films are then developed in our custom made inline processors. Driven by Harlequin RIPs which benefit from pre-flight and trapping software. They also support a variety of dot formations including elliptical, round, square, geometric and stochastic all of which can be customised. Basic trapping can be set on the RIP or customised by our experienced operators.

Films can be projected to sizes of up to 4.5mtrs x 1.32mtrs in a single piece, on projection units custom built for our requirements. Meaning we are still able to produce larger photographic film positives than anyone else in the UK. A fact we are very proud of, and which is appreciated by screen printers all over the country.

With high fit quality, multi – section jobs such as lorry sides and hoardings are produced with excellent matching from sheet to sheet.

Digital proofs are produced on an Epson proofer which is driven by a colour matched RIP which has been exstensively calibrated.