Projector Surround for Swarovski Fashion Awards 2018

We were asked by Illusion Design to produce a dry brush effect pattern to go round a giant projector screen that they were building, to form the backdrop for the Swarovski Fashion Awards 2018 in the Albert Hall, London.

The material had to be extremely matte black, so that there would be no reflection from the powerful projector that was being used to animate the backdrop.

After extensive testing, we found a fine black flock with an adhesive backing that would work on our Summa vinyl cutter. Although not intended for use with this material, we found that the depth setting of the cutting blade was crucial to the successful cut as the backing paper was so thin.

The end result was a giant projector screen 24 metres wide and 10 metres tall with a CAD cut pattern blending it into the back wall with a dry brush effect, mimicking the design on the Swarovski invitations.

To finish the set off, we also cut a similar design in brushed gold, that blended into the floor of the stage, where Meghan Markle introduced the award show.

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