Kew Gardens

18th November 2011

A mixture of white and frosted etch vinyls were used to create this attractive window frieze in the entrance hall of Kew Gardens.


The completed “Pin Picture”

27th October 2011

You may remember that back in July, we produced some large templates to assist the artist Duncan Macaskill with the daunting project of creating a giant mosaic made entirely of pins. Well you may be interested to see the final result, which is now on display at the Royal Opera


Laura Ashley Snowflake Display

21st October 2011

A combination of glitter and mirrored strips were combined on a wire framework to produce hundreds of these giant sparkly snowflakes for the Laura Ashley chain.


House of Fraser 175 Years Hoarding

4th October 2011

We were asked to produce a massive hoarding cut to shape, to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the House of Fraser store in Manchester.


Building Banner

28th July 2011

We are just putting the finishing touches to a rather long banner, which is due to be installed on the side of a building. It measures over 9 metres in length.


Pin Picture

18th July 2011

This was an interesting project. We were asked to produce two large posters, each one was 3m x 3m. But they were being used as a template for the artist Duncan Macaskill to stick coloured pins in, to create a giant mosaic. The project is due to be completed in time for part


Road Signs

18th July 2011

This customer wanted a set of permanent road signs to advertise his new fishing facilities. We printed photographic quality imagery onto sturdy 5mm Diabond, we also supplied the signposts and the road traffic sign fixings. To compliment the large printed signs, we also produced a number of smaller direction signs


As seen on TV

13th July 2011

Fame at last… A BBC documentary last night about satirical map making, dedicated a large portion of the program to a certain “Octopus Map” by Fred W Rose. We see the skilled art of the printers as they ink the plates and wind the presses. But what we don’t see is


Giant films for Screenprint

8th July 2011

We were able to produce these giant film positives for one of our screenprint customers, using our purpose built gantry camera to enlarge the negatives produced by our imagesetter. The resulting film had crisp, high definition, high density halftone dots to create a lovely smooth fade from one end of

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