Paper scenery for Spirited Away


I’m super excited to share a sneak peek at the stunning Bathhouse scenery we printed for the new London Coliseum stage show “Spirited Away“. If you remember the film, the Bathhouse is this incredible mix of enchanting and eerie, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring that magic to life on stage.

First off, the structure itself is a towering, multi-layered marvel. We’ve meticulously recreated the intricate designs and vibrant colours that make the Bathhouse so iconic. It was to this tower that our paper scenery backdrops were to be attached.

The way the lights play off the detailed façade adds an extra layer of magic, making the Bathhouse look like it’s glowing from within.

And get this—we’ve even included a tear-through scenery piece! There’s a moment when a character leaps through a section of the Bathhouse wall, creating a dramatic and dynamic effect that’s sure to wow the audience. This of course means that we have to print a new piece of scenery for every single time the show is performed… over 140 sets!

What made this job particularly interesting was that the scenery had to be double sided, which is not something we can normally do with large paper prints. But we managed to perfect a way of rewinding the whole roll of paper so that it could be fed back into the printer and printed on the reverse.