Saturday Night Takeaway – Glitter Tickets

We were asked by ITV to produce some rather special tickets for the final Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Getaway prizes. They had to be unlike anything printed for the show before, as this was to be the last ever Saturday Night Takeaway that the boys would be doing.

After much experimentation with different substrates on our HP 800W latex printer, we found that a combination of colours and white ink printed directly onto a glitter vinyl would give exactly the result that studio were after.

We settled on a Silver Ultra Metallic glitter from Hexis and onto it printed areas of yellow and light blue to give a gold and blue glitter effect, along with a white under print on the other images and text to prevent the glitter effect from showing through.

This meant that we could print in one go something that would previously require printing and cutting in multiple pieces and assembling to give the same effect. Handy really, seeing as they wanted a thousand of these tickets printed at quite short notice over the Christmas break, and after watching the show I realised why they needed so many – everyone in the audience got one of them.

The vinyl was applied to thick card and a corresponding gold glitter was printed for the reverse, the sheets were then trimmed to size to make the finished product.

Under the studio lights, these sparkly tickets looked stunning as the happy audience members waved them around with glee, they were no doubt happy with the way the inkjet had taken to the glittery vinyl.