Urgent signs for film set

I received a call Saturday morning from a set designer requesting some urgent signs and posters for immediate delivery to The Albion in Shoreditch, where a film crew were dressing the cafe for a movie scene.

Thanks to our (now) well rehearsed system of remote printing, I was able to set everything in motion before I headed into the studio to complete the laminating and trimming. Meaning that these weatherproof signs were wrapped and delivered to the filming location within hours of the initial phone call.

These large signs (one of them nearly 4m long) were printed onto self adhesive vinyl, which was then coated with a protective matt film before being laminated onto 5mm plastic Amari board. Giving a colourful yet durable sign solution for the set designer.

I only hope that our signs get plenty of screen time and don’t end up on the editors cutting room floor.

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