Back to the Future – The Musical

Our friends at Marcus Hall Props have been busy the last few months supplying all the stage sets for this new musical at the Opera House Manchester.

They asked us to produce a variety of period appropriate packaging and signs – including placards drinks cans, parking meter details and even the famous hoverboard.

Walking though the Manchester Opera House foyer a week before the first performance of Back to the Future: The Musical means picking your way through piles of props and kit that are waiting to be slotted into place before opening night.
A skateboard and some of the Doc’s scientific equipment are lying around, and a crew member walks past carrying what look like dancers’ 1950s dresses. The components of the Doc’s nuclear-powered flux capacitor are probably spread around somewhere.

This much anticipated world premiere by the creators of the film promises to thrill musical theatregoers with new and the film’s songs, incredible choreography and blow your mind special effects.

The Opera House Manchester

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