Fine art exhibition in Leicester

For an exhibition at the New Walk Museum in Leicester, we produced a set of film positives for the artist Monica Petzal.

Following her successful Dresden/Coventry exhibition in 2015, Monica was commissioned at Leicester New Walk Museum, in an exhibit titled “Dissent and Displacement: a modern story” from 8th February until 19th April 2020.

Throughout 2019 we produced over 30 large format yet incredibly fine Halftone film positives directly from our imagesetter, that Monica used to produce these amazing fine art prints.

Most of the works in the exhibitions are photo lithography over monoprint. In the studio the plates are made by projecting the transparency onto a sensitised aluminium plate. The plates are hand printed either by offset litho or directly. Although the photo litho plates can be repeated the prints are all one offs because each underlying monoprint is unique.

Dissent and Displacement is an exhibition that celebrates storytelling and the way in which we,as humans reflect on our lives. Inspired by the museum’s German Expressionist collections and Monica’s refugee heritage, the themes of opposition, persecution and persistence are explored through a series of large-scale panels. Interweaving threads of family, politics, culture and art, Monica’s narratives range from the rise of National Socialism in 1930’s Germany to a Syrian refugee doctor living in Leicester today.

Monica is the owner and director of Printroom Studios dealing in contemporary printmaking since 2006.  Based from 2006-2013 in the gallery in Hampstead, Printroom now operates online and from a new studio and gallery space in Suffolk  and at selected Art Fairs.

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