Helping recreate Warhol masterpieces

This was a fascinating project we worked on last year, that is finally getting publicity.

We were approached by the artist and screen printer Paul Stephenson who had acquired an extensive set of original Andy Warhol negative separations. Our task was to project them on our enlarger to create the positives required to recreate screen printed art as authentically as possible.

The attention to detail was extreme, even down to the fact that Paul had access to the notebooks that Andy Warhol used, so that he could ensure that the inks and paints were mixed to the exact same recipe as they were in the sixties.

The BBC have just featured an article on their website detailing Pauls endeavours, and publicising the fact that the works will be exhibited (and for sale) at the Buy Art Fair at Manchester Central in a couple of weeks.

Also being debuted at the event in Manchester on the 28th October is a screening of the documentary titled “Business of Making Art“, featuring Paul Stephenson, and filmed partly in our workshop here in the Old Kent Road last year. Lets hope the camera is flattering.

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