Ultra Sunrise, by It’s Kind Of Hard To Explain & MILK

We are proud to support a new group of artists called “It’s Kind Of Hard To Explain” who are putting together a new event at SET studios in Bermondsey, titled Ultra Sunrise, starting this Friday 7th July.

Artists featuring in the show are Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Oliver Durcan, Jemma Egan, Justin Fitzpatrick, Steven Gee, Adam Goodwin, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Max Lee, Jack Otway, Alice Rout, Joe Shaw and Sam Venables. With artists from Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Rotterdam, this project marks IKO’s ethos to connect non-London and London based artists.

The name Ultra Sunrise comes from a Monster energy drink flavour suggesting a modification or enhancement of a natural and uncontrollable occurrence. Work in the show will respond to this concept alongside ideas exploring instant gratification and quick fixes to modern problems.

Pictures will follow shortly.

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