Colouring In Car

This was a fun job for SeTwo, their challenge was to transform one of Hertz cars into a ‘colouring in car’ for a live experience and promo shoot.  They turned the black interior into a colouring in book, using dry erase markers the car could be coloured in again and again.

We supplied them with sheets of CAD cut vinyl decals that they could apply to the whole interior of a Volvo estate car. The catch was, it had to be easily removable after the photo shoot as they only had the car for a couple of days and Hertz wanted it back undamaged so that it could re-enter their fleet of hire vehicles.

The vinyl we used for these decals was a matt black intended for use on banners. This would ensure that the detailed drawings would stick well, while being flexible enough to stretch and deform when the seats were climbed on by the children.

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