Dimes for 42nd Street

7th February 2017

We often get asked to print hard wearing floor graphics, but it’s not every day that the request stipulates that the job needs to stand up to tap dancing! On top of that, the set design company wanted the floor graphics to be printed on metallic chrome vinyl. They are to form


Teddy Bear Factory at the British Museum

5th September 2014

This was quite fun. A corner of the gift shop in the British Museum needed to be turned into a Teddy Bear Factory, using various cut to shape floor graphics, wall decals and double sided hanging displays. The overall result looked great.


Fiat 500L Showroom Display

20th December 2012

When Fiat’s flagship London showroom wanted to show off their forthcoming 500L model, we were able to supply stunning oversized floor graphics and window decals to show off the new car at it’s best.