Mounting & Laminating – Hexio
20th January 2019

laminationMounting and laminating your prints adds stiffness and protection from UV, moisture and scuffing.

We have a huge selection of boards and laminates that we can apply to our own images, as well as prints that you supply. Almost every conceivable option is catered for.

High Gloss
Dry-Wipe Gloss
Deep Crystal
Gloss Encapsulation
Standard Adhesive
Optically Clear Adhesive
Low Tack Adhesive
Application Tape

Card (any thickness)
Compressed PVC Board (up to 30mm)
Correx (4mm)
Foam-X™ soft foamboard (5 or 10mm)
Gator™ stiff foamboard (5mm)
Perspex™ (Clear, Opal or Coloured)
MDF (up to 30mm)
Metal (up to 30mm)
Glass (up to 30mm)